We love our state, but a recent study found Oklahoma is considered the worst state to live in for women, highlighting poor outcomes in nearly every metric, including poverty, voter turnout and life expectancy.

Oklahoma was 46th in share of women who voted in the 2020 presidential election.

Your vote is more important than ever. We encourage women to stay engaged in the political dialogue because it directly affects your health.

Ways to Simplify the Holidays for More Joy and Less Stress

For many of us, once Halloween is over the frenzy and stress of Thanksgiving and Christmas begins. Budgets, time and resources are stretched. We hyperventilate. We overspend. We overschedule. And much of this occurs because we want to give our families a “perfect”...

Postpartum Fever

What is postpartum fever, and why does it occur? It was a common occurrence in centuries past, but in recent times has become less frequent. Still, even 21st-century medicine cannot eliminate it completely. Fever in the postpartum period occurs after 5% to 7% of...